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apparent source of the moisture

As I continue to ponder the fate of the 7 Utah hikers in Zion National Park, the apparent source of the moisture is an interesting subject.  Enhanced tropical moisture drifted into the Southwest U.S. from a remnant tropical system, former Hurricane Linda, on Monday September 14th.  Record September rains occurred in California and flash floods caused fatalities in Arizona and Utah.

Interesting calendar day to be reflecting on tropical moisture and the Desert Southwest.  Reviewing the San Diego NWS homepage today,  September 26th, I found past weather telling a similar story, life threating flash floods because of tropical rains.

September 26, 1997: Heavy rain and thunderstorms developed on Sept. 24 and ended on this day. That moisture came from the remnants of Hurricane Nora.

September 26, 1982: The remnants of Hurricane Olivia re-curved northeastward across Southern California.

So the remnants of Hurricane Nora in 1997,  and the remnants of Hurricane Olivia in 1982, both from infamous years from my new e-book.

And now we have the remnants of Hurricane Linda in 2015.

The book is written, but the journey is just beginning, …

Welcome to El Niño.

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