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Severe weather threat on the horizon.

February 01, 2016

Severe weather threat on the horizon for Tuesday. This is the Storm Prediction Center’s Day 2 outlook for tomorrow, Tuesday February 2, 2016.February 01, 2016day2otlk_0700Sunday’s afternoon highs were plenty warm in the Southern United States to support a bout of spring-like severe storms in the dead of winter.February 01, 2016maximumfor2016Blog - BlogCopy

The jet stream and surface features in almost perfect alignment for severe weather in the SPC’s outlook area. Below are 500mb and surface forecast for 21z Tuesday afternoon.

February 01,2016forcast45hrTuesFeb02Capture -Blog Copy

Now compare the forecast 500mb for later today, 00z February 02, 2016February 01, 2016Bloggfs_namer_024_500_vort_ht

with 12z February 05, 2008, the beginning of the Super Tuesday Outbreak that produced 87 tornadoes over two days killing 56.  The features the two maps have in common would include the event driving deep upper low vicinity Colorado/New Mexico Border, the kicker, just west of the Pacific Northwest, the next disturbance in the series and the polar vortex well north over Hudson’s bay.

February 05, 2008mb500for2016Blog

So, heads up, weather folks are all bent out of shape about this one for a reason. If you do live in the yellow slight risk area, or orange enhanced region there is a real threat for damaging weather with the passage of this weather system.

Southern California wind observations from Sunday January 31, 2016 showing the wind energy of our approaching weather system.

Santa Barbara Island gusting to 79mph.           San Clemente gusting to 56 mph.

January 31, 2016surfsouthcalifornia840pm - Copy

Floods, snowstorms, and tornadoes oddly enough are all in my latest e-book El Niño:  The WILD side of the weather cycle…What we know, what we don’t, and WHY you should care!

I show how this years Pacific water temperatures compare to the 1983 and 1998 events and highlight the kind of weather episodes that these stronger El Niño’s tend to bring.

El Niño at work, increase in cloud over the High Sierra.January 28, 2016milkranch0530pm - Copy

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