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Forecast map from a week ago.

November 18, 2015

I shared the below forecast map below in this blog a week ago, November 11.

Forecast map of 500mb flow from the Nov 10 18z run for Thursday  Nov 19, 2015 at 12z or 6am Central Time.November 11, 2015Blogforecast500210hrnov1912z

Actual 500mb flow, and water vapor image from Tuesday evening below,

36 hours ahead of the forecast map above, but pretty good on position and strength of major features, especially the big storm centered on the Kansas, Oklahoma border.  Also note digging trough across western Canada and the big ridge along the east coast. Forecast model did pretty well with second significant storm in two weeks.November 18, 2015northamerica500mb0005z

Notice the center of the storm on satellite image below matches position of 500mb low  above.november 18, 2015satellitepicwatervapor0145z

Afternoon and sunset snapshot showing only thin snow cover high in the Southern Sierra after this weeks fast moving storm.november 17, 2015baldmountafternoonnorth - Copy

november 17, 2015baldmountsunsetnorth - Copy

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