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Finally some rain for Southern California

December 30, 2015


Finally some rain may be in the forecast for Southern California. After a record warm Christmas in New York, historic flooding in Missouri, deadly winter tornadoes, and a healthy snowfall in El Paso, it may finally rain in Los Angeles. The warm Christmas in NYC, the flooding in Missouri,  and the Christmas week snow in El Paso all happened in the last  few days AND are all repeats of events in December 1982.

Parts of The Cascades are buried, 9 feet around Crater Lake. The Lake Tahoe area has seen feet of snow in recent weeks as has portions of the Northern and Central Sierra. The last piece of the puzzle is Southern California rain.

Finally some rain may be in the forecast for Southern California. Two distinct short waves approach Southern California Sunday and Tuesday of the upcoming week.

Forecast 500mb flow for midday Sunday January 03, 2016.

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Forecast 500mb flow for midday Tuesday January 05, 2016.

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