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El Niño winter delivers record snowstorm.

January 28, 2016

Our El Niño winter has delivered an incredible snowstorm to Washington, Baltimore and New York City.

January 24, 2016 snowstorm totals for selected Washington, Baltimore and New York locations.

Location                                    Storm total                                                                 record/storm
DULLES INTERNATIONAL  29.3  1230 AM  1/24  AIRPORT                        32.4 Feb 05, 2010
BWI AIRPORT                          29.2  1230 AM  1/24  AIRPORT                       26.8 Feb 16, 2003

Location                                   Storm total                    calendar day  total      record/day
CENTRAL PARK                     26.8   100 AM  1/24  ASOS                      26.6 / 24.1 Feb 12, 2006 NYC/JFK AIRPORT                 30.5   100 AM  1/24  FAA OBSERVER   30.3 / 21.6 Feb 17, 2003
NEWARK AIRPORT               28.1   100 AM  1/24  FAA OBSERVER  27.5 /  25.9 Dec 26, 1947
NYC/LA GUARDIA                 27.9   100 AM  1/24  FAA OBSERVER  27.9 / 23.3  Feb 12, 2006

There are many different ways to report snow amounts. There are storm totals, calendar day amounts(Midnight to Midnight), and amounts in other 24 periods,(example, daily obs are 12z or 7amEST).  So it can get a little confusing when determining what is an actual record and what is close to a record.

For the Baltimore Airport and most of the New York City area these are indeed record amounts of snow.

700mb charts below show the storm blossom and slide more east than north focusing the punch at the Mid-Atlantic. However mature circulation does manage to reach as far north as NYC area by Saturday morning the 23rd.

Friday morning 22nd                              Friday evening 22nd                 Saturday morning 23rd

January 23, 2016mb700 NewCopy

17th, …. 5 days before Blizzard subtropical plume from El Niño region already established.  The plume reaches from the equatorial Pacific across Mexico and the Gulf Of Mexico into Georgia, Florida and the Southeast.January 17, 2016satellitepage0345z - BlogCopy

19th, … Disturbance over SE has moved away but the tropical plume remains.January 19, 2016satellitepage0345z - BlogCopy

21st, … new disturbance southern plains, tropical plume broadens January 21, 2016satellitepage0645z - BlogCopy

22nd early, … new disturbance gaining strength while approaching but not yet directly connected to the plume.January 22, 2016satellitepage0645z - BlogCopy

22nd late, …maturing storm system mergers with tropical plume,January 22, 2016satellitepage2215z - BlogCopy

23rd early, … and throws the moisture into below freezing air across Mid-Atlantic.January 23, 2016satellitepage0615z - BlogCopy

Quite impressive,   impressive enough to challenge all time snowfall records in several major East Coast cities.  Below other El Niño related events in recent weeks, ….

January 08, 2016  Bonnet Carre Spillway to open to divert water out of Mississippi River.

January 09, 2016  CAPE CORAL TORNADO EF-2                                                                                            January 15, 2016   FORT MYERS TORNADO EF-1                                                                                  January 17, 2016   SARASOTA TORNADO EF-2, Fatalities 2                                                                      January 27, 2016   POMPANO BEACH EF-1

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Update on the west coming soon,

Crater Lake entrance in December:annesprings15-12-07-01

Crater Lake entrance Tuesday January 26, annesprings16-01-26-01

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