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Feeling the effects of warm Pacific water

December 14, 2015

Various conditions at the entrance to Crater Lake National Park at times during the past week.

Elev: 6010 ft; Latitude: 42.87007; Longitude:  122.16518                                                                                                snow                     total

(PST)                                                        (f)                                                                    Depth(inches) Precip(inches)
06 Dec 11:00 pm PST 35 23.00 11.50


Above recent heavy snow with temperatures slight above freezing, below rain and 42.

07 Dec 2:00 pm PST 42 21.00 12.20


Finally colder, slightly below freezing air,  several days later and the snow depth doubles from 21 to 42 inches. So what you cannot see is nearly four feet of snow on the ground at the lowest elevation in Crater Lake National Park.

12 Dec 2:00 pm PST 30 42.00 17.20


All the above quite the contrast to a record warm weekend. Sunday was the second weekend day of records highs in mid December over parts of the eastern half  of the nation.

December 13, 2015max temps - Copy

We were very lucky there was not more serious severe weather this past weekend.

Record warm mid December temperatures and a favorable 500mb flow for severe weather were both present this weekend in the middle of the country. Map on the left from this Sunday evening 00z the 14th, in the blue on the right, Sunday morning November 22, 1992, the middle of a 3 day tornado outbreak.

December 14, 2015500mb00zcomparenov92 - Copy

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